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    playoff tiebreaker

    Playoff tiebreaker rules
    In the event that a Fantasy playoff game ends in a tie, the deadlock is broken using the following system:

    Winning percentage against this opponent during the regular season
    Playoff seed

    I tied 7-7 in my playoff game with a team that I played twice during the regular season. I was the third seed and he was sixth. But Yahoo advanced him to the next round and not me. What am I missing here?

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    • we split those two games in the regular season

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      • What was the outcome of each matchup during the season?

        If you read further in the tiebreaker help:

        This is the default league setting for all Public and Pro Leagues.

        In leagues using this scoring format, the winning percentage is based on individual stat category wins and losses, and not matchup wins and losses. (A tie is worth a half win or 0.5, and a half loss or 0.5)

        Example: Team A and Team B played each other three times during the regular season.

        - In the first matchup, Team A won 9-3-1.
        - In the second matchup, Team B won 6-4-3.
        - In the third matchup, Team A won 7-5-1.

        Team A had 20 stat category wins (9+4+7) vs. Team B's 14 stat category wins (3+6+5) during the regular season, with 5 ties.

        Team A's winning percentage would be .577 (20 wins + 2.5 for ties = 22.5 / 39 total).


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