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  • OleBamaDude OleBamaDude Sep 11, 2013 10:59 AM Flag

    Leaving Yahoo Fantasy Games

    Unless Yahoo returns to what made them huge in fantasy sports, and abandons these new, three dimensional, overlapping, blue on black, gray on black florescent screens, I and most of my fellow players are finding somebody new for next year. And it won't be ESPN, where matters might be even worse than now here at Yahoo.

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    • I agree, this new #$%$ is buggy as hell. You cant even look at past game logs anymore in Football. Before it was no nonsense easy load Fantasy Sports. Now its flowers, Justin Beaver popups, and hard to find fantasy info (symbolism)

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      • I concur, the graphics are terrible compared to the good old black and white! The slight constant shifting takes you to places you do not want to go to!! Pop-ups are a big distraction! Why the change from what worked very well to this new crappo system is beyond me.!! I guess the new female CEO is more interested in her 35 million dollar house and being soooo cutesy!!!


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