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  • Steve Steve Sep 7, 2013 9:05 PM Flag

    Tanner Roark is not posting stats right now, please fix!!! thx!!!

    Tanner Roark is not posting stats right now, please fix!!! thx!!!

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    • No player is posting stats right now. Yahoo screwed up worse than usual and decided to do it during playoff week cause all that matters with them was the stupid horrible design and tweaking it to even worse depths in their football section. Crashed the whole system in the process.

      1. Yahoo basically ignored thousands and thousands of comments on hating the new look that was a major fail.

      2. Yahoo then went on to give fantasy baseball owners the finger cause all they wanted to do was make their football area look even more horrible for opening day there cause that is more important then playoff weeks on the baseball section apparently.

      I just wasted 6 months playing here since I now don't know what I have for stats going into the last game of this playoff week. Do I sit or play a streamed pitcher I picked up? How close am I in my stats?

      I'm just glad I think it is bad mojo to play in money leagues. Imagine how the high stakes money league guys are doing right about now. Other than looking for a new platform for next season that is.

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      • Raven,
        I know you have a legitimate beef with Yahoo about the new design, but if you're desperate for your player stats, just open stattracker.
        The match-up stats are complete in stattracker and they update 'on the fly' there too, and in fact are MORE complete and detailed than what they give you on the static match-up page anyway. At least you can see accumualated innings pitched and total AB's.
        With what stattracker gives you, you can even calculate how many baserunners your pitchers have allowed (for WHIP) and total number of ER..... with those calcs in hand you can project what an upcoming pitcher needs to give you in order to win a category, or whether it's worth throwing a pitcher or not.....same goes for hitter stats like BA.


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