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  • Khan Khan Aug 30, 2013 5:41 PM Flag

    New Interface Experiences (Good and Bad)

    I have been pretty much on the fence about this new look. They are using it in football and I've had mixed feelings. Had to learn the swap mode and where the team name info was but really no biggee with the operational aspect. I seem to be able to get all the information that I could get before with a little searching but again no biggee so the functional aspect seems pretty much the same and it only took a few minutes to figure out most things and now that I know it then it'll be like before, EASY. My eyesight isn't what it used to be so the darker interface kind of sucked but then I remember when in a darker room it seemed like the old interface "all white" felt like a flashlight in my face and I couldn't even look at it sometimes because it was too bright, my wife also mentioned that she had experienced the same glare. This darker look does take a little time to really focus on the readable material but once focused it stays focused until I switch pages but it is better than a flashlight in my face. Today I clicked on a game link, I loved it. They've taken some of stat trakker and moved it into the game link, awesome. Can see who is on base (picture), lineups are easy to find, stats are down but I scrolled less than before. This page is really cool.

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