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  • Bill C Bill C Aug 28, 2013 12:05 PM Flag

    Yahoos stance on the new look.

    "We are listening to our fans but we will not be going back to the old format, we'll be looking for ways to improve the new format".

    So the second part of their stance shows that the first part is a lie when they say they are listening to their fans lol. Basically instead of having everything that was great about the old format it seems maybe they might make a few updates to this new system to maybe give us back some of the old stuff that's missing as a best case scenario while keeping the god awful new look? So the same terrible look and maybe just a few less missing features then currently will be their long term goal with this overhaul? lol

    It would seem that whoever made the decision on this change:
    A) Doesn't even play fantasy sports and understand why it sucks from a user perspective.
    B) Probably is trying to save his own #$%$ after convincing his bosses to fund this overhaul because it would look "more modern" and now is determined to keep it despite outrage to justify the cost Yahoo spent on it.
    C) Is probably telling his bosses that the feedback is "pretty positive" about the changes because he'd rather save his job then to admit that a horrible mistake was made so it can be rectified.
    D) Or insists on keeping it because some trendy blogger said the site was outdated and they feel they need to overhaul it to appease said trendy blogger to get a good review from him even at the expense of alienating all their fans.

    Whatever the case may be Yahoo is not listening. You can't prove you are listening to your fans with simple words. Your actions are what determine if you are listening to your fans and clearly Yahoo has no plans to do so.

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    • I'm pretty sure they're trying to cater to the average 100" Plasma HDMI Monitor crowd like the ones their execs use with their pimped out custom Alienware home gaming rigs. TThe website developers use the same rigs around the office so they have an "easier" time than us making out the stats and such...

    • Bill,
      Since you appear to be quoting Yahoo, can you point to just WHERE they are saying that? Cuz if that's their attitude, You can bet your sweet bippy this'll be my LAST season playing any Yahoo games. What arrogance!

    • Add me to the vast majority - the new look is horrible.

      Thanks for listening to your customers Yahoo (not)

    • dear yahoo,
      i would like to know, who is actually running yahoo fantasy baseball and making the decisions? have they ever played fantasy baseball before lol why would you guys make this change with 2 weeks left in the regular season before playoffs start??? And you make the change when the new look isnt even freaking ready! its half complete! who does that? I cant even see the history on batter vs pitchers for more than 3/4ths of my guys and when you try and look for the batter vs pitcher matchups for years prior, it doesnt even load so im guessing that part isnt complete yet either. I honestly can not believe the mistakes this year on the player tags and the player notes along with wrong fantasy matchup ratings daily and now we all have to deal with this. I'm trying to make the playoffs in my league and now b/c of this new format or should i say huge mistake, I'm probably not going to make it b/c I run my team with 4 guys on my bench for batters so I go with who has the best matchup daily and now i cant see the matchups against the pitchers they're facing. It takes the fun out of it too b/c now I cant mix and match everyday, i have to go off the matchup ratings which can be wrong so I cant go off the matchup ratings.
      I've given it a day now and its still not fixed, in fact, it seems to be getting worse. If this new format isnt completely done with all the info the other format used to give us, I'm definately going to my league comissioner and I'm gonna ask to put up a vote to switch to ESPN or CBS sports next year, anything different from what we've had to deal with this year. Absolutely rediculous and honestly, whoevers controlling the decisions for yahoo should probalby consider stepping down or asking others involved what they think on the decisions they make b/c this is #$%$. I cant believe a professional website thats been running fantasy baseball now for like 10 years could all of a sudden "go down the #$%$." Come on yahoo, get it together

    • If that's their stance at least give us the CHOICE to use the "CLASSIC LOOK" or "NEW LOOK"! They did it for the "drag and drop" roster feature, they can do it for this too!

    • The only "way" they can improve the new format is to go back to the old format. Period.

      So at least give us an option to select the good clean classic design over this #$%$. The look of this new stuff is designed for a 10 year old with ADD.

    • I HATE the new format. I can't find out the probable date for a pitcher's next start. Why change it right before fantasy playoffs begin?!!!

    • No the people that make decisions like this are typically 1%er executive suits that are completely out of touch with their customers because they live in their own little bubble of privilege. The person most likely has never played any fantasy games or even knows anything about them.


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