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  • AUricle AUricle Aug 28, 2013 8:11 AM Flag

    "New Look" DISASTER. How to change it.

    Heads-up people! Yahoo DOES NOT read these messages. EVER.
    If we have ANY chance to get this changed BACK to the more functional, better looking, "old" format, you have to contact Yahoo Customer Support, and let them have it! DON'T waste your breath here. We ALL agree with you already!

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    • I wrote a Chrome pluging making pages look like the old format at Chrome Webstore.

    • Believe it or not, we do read these forums. As posted on our League Notes...

      We are listening to your feedback regarding our recent redesign. While we will not be going back to the old format, we will be focusing on improving the readability of the pages, along with other improvements. We appreciate how passionate you are about Fantasy Football and welcome your comments.

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      • Please add "Career" batter v. pitcher stats!?!

        Team schedule was better in full month on a page, not scroll through individual games. Also, old format included winning and losing pitcher which made it easier to project next start for pitchers.

      • Your changes suck and appear to be the work of 3 year old #$%$ children. I won't be using your site anymore once this baseball season is over. You "fixed" what wasn't broken, and added dozens of new bugs and for what? For a different look? That is ugly and unreadable anyway? I am not shocked though, your horrible company has a history of this kind of garbage.

      • In case the message hasn't gotten through, **focusing** is the basis of most complaints. Marissa Mayer might be thrilled about TIME's "rave" review of Yahoo!'s fantasy football app (the article's title is "Sign of Change at Yahoo: The Fantasy Football App No Longer Stinks") but for those who use a PC or laptop, the website redesign and its so-called improvements are akin to additional layers of lipstick on a pig. (No offense intended to Miss Piggy.)

      • Adding to AUricle's list since we have the rare event of actually seeing an actual Yahoo! staff person here ... used to be you could get career head-to-head stats ... now that's not available and the stats that occasionally, but not always, come up as the head to head of a given batter against his day's opponent pitcher are often just inexplicably wrong. Like, not career, not this season, just ... ??? ... Used to be that the career fielding stats were broken down by position within each year, which was useful for FBB among other reasons because you could see how a player was doing toward qualifying at a position ... no more ... the readability issues, while serious (does the redesign crew know anything about baseball or fbb?) are ultimately a matter of taste and something one can get used to ... but having the statistics buggered makes the fbb site unplayable ... I now have espn open the whole time in another browser for looking up stats, why not just move my league there next year? Or fangraphs ... not a threat, just saying that I have appreciated Yahoo fbb for 10 years and/but this nosedive in functionality may force me to go elsewhere, which would be a hassle and sad

      • OK Mike,
        I'm not "anti-progress", and I realize that often, 'new' is automatically panned by many just because it is different. That is NOT the case here. Not only are stats harder to read because of the transparent page against a photo background, but the data is LESS FUNCTIONAL.
        I'm a Baseball person, not a footballer, and there are MULTIPLE problems on the 'player profile' page that opens when you click on a players name.
        First of all, the 'line' data for pitchers is missing their WHIP. And for hitters, the Stolen Bases is missing. These are both DEFAULT stats in the most used 5x5 scoring format.
        Second..... In the old format, when you looked up a pitcher, it showed you his next probable start date and who it was versus. THIS is also MISSING from the 'new' look.
        Also,........ and this is inexcusable, when you look at,..... say a pitchers last performance against an opponent, the stats are DIFFERENT from the stats reported in that pitchers "last 10" performances, if one of them happened to be against the same team as reported in the "last performance vs that team".
        Others have noted and detailed MANY other functionality issues in Baseball and other Yahoo fantasy sports.
        I can understand a new 'look'. What I DON'T get, is why you would remove FUNCTION from the FORM. It's lazy, shoddy work at the best, and somebody needs a kick in the A|S|S| for it!

    • How do you reach them? They hide all contact info here. Someone said try "Suggestions" in fine print at bottom of this page but they just let us vent there. No one bothers to read that either.

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      • Yes, "Suggestions". Go to SPORTS specifically. You can put up a new suggestion or vote up an already posted one. When it gets enough votes or comments it gets tagged "gathering feedback". The top vote getters WILL be seen by the developers. You can give an idea up to 3 votes. If your specific gripe is already posted, vote it up and comment too. If you've spotted something 'new' to report,post it up as a suggestion and give yourself the votes.... then hope others vote it up too.
        It's still a #$%$"D up messy way to do business, but short of CALLING directly, it's the only way we have to communicate with these pea-brains!

      • You can't reach them any more. If you go to the support contact us page, it just gives you answers to prefab questions and links you back to the forums. Here. No email, no phone number.


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