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  • HHI Golf Guy HHI Golf Guy Aug 27, 2013 9:43 PM Flag

    Thumbs down on the new look

    Dear Yahoo,

    1. Medium or dark text on a dark background may look good to a graphics person, but it's not very functional. The new look is **almost** as bad as the look in your apps.

    2. I get it - you want a more modern looking HTML5 and CSS3 site with modern features. But then you leave out responsive design and something as basic as a font resizer?

    3. When I look for batter vs. pitcher stats I could care less that the hitter is 1 for 1 of the pitcher this year. I prefer to see the career stats versus pitchers. Maybe that 1 for 1 this year puts the guy at 1 for 46 lifetime.

    4. Know your target audience! People that play fantasy sports are stat heads and most don't care about making the site pretty. Next time you do an overhaul like this, invite 500 or so long time fantasy sports managers to view a private beta of the new look and ask for their feedback.

    I appreciate that you're trying to improve your site, but never, ever let the opinions graphics and web design people take precedent over your users.

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    • My lineup page hasn't changed yet but the scoreboard to watch the game updates is the new format on mine and it's just terrible compared to the old system. The simple white screen with dark text made everything easy to see. They're so hell bent on making their site look more "modern" that they never stopped to consider if they were making change for the sake of change or change for the better/worse. They already had butchered the fantasy football with this new format I was hoping it didn't rear it's ugly head in the baseball portion. I'll finish out the fantasy seasons this year but next year I won't be touching yahoo for fantasy sports.

    • I agree. I hate light lettering on dark backgrounds. Lousy graphic design. Would only impress a 10 year old.

      ALL of the football section is this way. I mean ALL. Your line-up page, Players list, League stuff. Transactions, etc. Terrible!

      They started there with football -- thus their timing for the start of the new season -- and are backtracking to destroy the other sports now as well. This is just the first few pages of the baseball section being changed. Everything in the baseball section will be changed soon.

    • One more thing - when I look at batter vs pitcher is it too much to ask for you to put the opposing teams and pitchers in alphabetical order?

    • Change for the sake of change. Somewhere a "design professional" is feeling satisfied that he or she justified his existence, users be damned.


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