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  • DJSatane DJSatane Aug 27, 2013 7:21 PM Flag

    yahoo new look especially boxscores are horrible

    Wow What happened, yahoo went from having easiest to see boxscores to worst in 1 day, further on new player profile pages I cant even find batting vs next pitcher and you cannot select batting vs stats for careeer, only years.... this is inferior

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    • Wow, the old format was perfect. Simple, loaded smooth, easy to view everything you needed. Now? can barely scroll the screen without it hiccuping, one teams box score wont even fit on the screen, colors bleeding through are eye-numbing. Just atrocious.

    • As much as I can't stand the evil empire that is ESPN, I'm already going to its site for boxscores I can read. Yahoo's player profiles are even worse. Unless Yahoo reverses course, I imagine I'll be going to ESPN for a lot more next season. What could possibly make someone think that reverse type on a background that varies from black to green would be user-friendly? Maybe there's a good reason black type on a white background has been standard for centuries.

    • I hope they change the format or go back to what it was.


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