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  • HEAD HEAD Aug 27, 2013 10:07 AM Flag

    Yahoo New Look....

    Just plain awful. Not only hard to navigate and see things now as that isnt bad enough but it not even accurate. The career a hitter has vs a pitcher is not correct. They only show from this year and cannot even pick full career as a filter for batter vs pitcher. They also totally got rid of the calendar view of a teams schedule which was so helpful to look at matchups and more. Horrible....why? It was great before. Now I have to go to other sites to see what I need to see. Ridiculous.

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    • previously I liked to use yahoo sports site because it didn't have all the graphics, mostly raw data on plain screens. Looking for alternatives.

    • I couldn't agree more! You can't even see basic information on player pages, like a pitcher's total strikeouts due to the "brilliant idea" of using a white font against a noisy colorful background image that includes white! Please change it back to the way it was Yahoo! Sometimes "simpler" is "better". Especially when working with a lot of numbers and statistics, serious GM's prefer a streamlined interface, like it was before! The new look is "migraine inducing"!

    • Why did they have to do this at the end of the year? Why not the beginning? And the batter vs pitcher link (which I use all the time) is not even in alphabetical order. I don't have time to scroll every team!!!
      I thought I still had an outside shot in both my leagues but now I doubt it. AND IT COST ME MONEY THIS YEAR. I wouldn't have played for $ if i'd known they would pull this. STUPID!!

    • And it will get worse. Your line-up page and all that section will be changed into this hard to read junk too. ALL of the Yahoo fantasy football stuff is that way. They rolled that change out for football season and are now backtracking and adding it to all the other sports at Yahoo. Time to move to another platform.

    • At least you guys have seen the new look. I can't view anything on Yahoo baseball pages. All I get is "Page Not Found"

    • I agree, the new look overall is awful, especially getting rid of the calendar view for the schedule. The new schedule takes up more space to convey less information. With the old schedule it was easy to spot off days (now not shown at all) and plot your pitchers ahead to see what their next several starts were going to be.

    • It's visually terrible. People want to read dark letters and numbers on a light colored background. Not white letters and numbers on a dark background. Especially when reading stats. It's a giant step backwards for a once great fantasy sports website. I know it's human nature to complain no matter what, but this is really bad. What idiot came up with this idea ?


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