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  • Sam Sam Aug 15, 2013 10:29 PM Flag


    but it shouldnt even happen in the first place Posty!! Last night i was at the ranger brewers game and i look down real quick at my stats and i see i have a shutout and it put me in the best mood ever b/c it was the first one of the year for me. Then 30 min later, i look up at the scoreboard for all the other scores around the league and i see it says 5-1 pirates over the cards. How does someone click the shut out button when theres a run scored??? Stupid! Who is running the league this year?? it cant be the same person as years prior unless he got into some type of accident or just doesnt give a #$%$ anymore

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    • It wasn't Yahoo fantasy sports that did it, I was following the game at Yahoo sports scoreboard and they went with the shutout... Then the fantasy sports got the live sports update from their main site and there was the shutout... It wasn't the fantasy baseball problem, it was whomever did the PBP for their sports site...


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