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  • bieber's left handed bieber's left handed Aug 14, 2013 2:46 PM Flag


    One or more of your manager(s) ("NYCJOHN3" and "Swing And A Miss") is/are colluding against the rest of the managers.
    I found out by being deceived by the same manager who is also participating in my PRO20 league as "NYCJOHN2" and "Killians Red". This person facilitated multiple of one-sided trades from team A (ranked lower) to team B (ranked higher) and gotten away repeatedly.

    I reported this matter to Yahoo! customer care but they didn't do #$%$ other than veto one of the trades.
    I tried to figure out the best way to let people know about this but this seems like the only way so PLEASE HELP SPREAD THE WORD if others are reading this.
    Colluding and other unfair plays should not be tolerated.


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