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  • Dean Dean Jul 30, 2013 5:39 PM Flag

    I Edit and Save my Line up....

    And then, when I view my team later, the guy I put in line up (and saved) is in the bench. At first, I figured it was my mistake. But numerous times this has happened since.... I check and double check and triple check my lineup, and make sure it is saved.... But still have had this happen to my line ups.... I posted a message in my league, and others say the same thing happened to them.... Any ideas why?

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    • Pickups from the waiver wire (FA) will revert your lineup to either the previous days active roster for daily leagues or Monday active roster for weekly leagues. At least this is what I have determined from the same experiences. So setting your lineups for days in advance and saving then picking someone up off the waiver wire will change all the days you saved and you will have to resave all the days you previous saved. I think trades also do this.

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      • That's an interesting quirk. But I just had it happen today, and I didn't add any FAs. I changed my pitchers in the morning and saved the lineup. And checked it later. Yet at game time the line up reverted back.. I understand adding players to your team can screw up future line ups.. But when then change the lineup and save it, that should end the issues, no? Have a good one.


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