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  • Matt Matt Jul 26, 2013 10:10 AM Flag

    Is there no way to contact customer service anymore?

    You used to be able to email these jerkoffs, but now when you click on "Contact Customer Care" you don't actually contact anything. It gives you some scripted answers to pre-approved questions and if what you what isn't there it says sorry can't help. Yahoo sucks so bad, but really? No way to contact them at all? I paid for this #$%$ #$%$ and can't even TALK to ANYONE?? FUCKYOUYAHOO

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    • if you hunt you can find a number. but look under billing. it seems to be the only way to contact an actual human being. beware, the wait could be a while. And obviously it'll be sort of awkward when they do talk to you since you don't have a billing problem. Doesn't matter, once you are on the phone you've bypassed the b.s. and can now be directed to the right department.


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