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  • Steroidfreebird GAH Steroidfreebird GAH Jul 21, 2013 7:42 PM Flag

    gamechannel delay

    is it just me or yahoo? all in game stats load up but are a couple hours behind! #$%$? what a complete waste of an afternoon attempting to resolve if it is another glitch

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    • Okay, admittedly I need a hobby, but I thought all the fantasy sports I'm struggling at fit the bill. Now Ive reached a new pinnacle. I am now replying to my own topic. Maybe I'm the only yahoo having this delay problem on Gamechannel. I just got tired listening to the crickets while waiting for a reply regarding the 2 hr delay with the in game stats. OMG! Just realized the potty word program is targeting acronyms. Wow, the political correctness just never ends.


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