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  • Greenraven Greenraven Jul 20, 2013 4:07 PM Flag

    Yahoo Upgrade Sucks - Complete with numbered list.

    First it was the stupid bar you can't get rid of at the top.

    1. But now I have constant problems that effect my game play. Players just disappear off of my roster. Refresh the screen and they suddenly show up but sitting on my bench with the slots in my line-up empty.

    2. I have the same problem when I move a player off my bench into my line-up. Other players disappear, refresh screen, they sit on my bench, re-insert into my line-up etc.

    3. A player today in one league has the "x" by his name indicating he wasn't starting today so I shuffle the line-up, have other players disappear again, refresh, re-insert then notice the original player magically has the "x" removed from his name. So I guess he is starting but how the hell can I be sure.

    4. Meanwhile NO notice from Yahoo on League pages they are aware of these problems. NO apologies for the mess they made. NO indication they are going to try and solve these problems nor take down the stupid bar blocking our view. NO attempt to do anything but force me to check out other hosting sites for football season.

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    • I can't believe that problems like this continue to happen. It seems that the glitches are minor and with some effort they could fix this. I haven't noticed the benched incorrectly thing yet, but I bet I've had that happen and incorrectly adjusted player to bench. I posted a timelag problem with Gamechannel on Sunday that was 2-3 hours slow. It never did get fixed yesterday so I just closed it. And you are correct that Yahoo rarely posts useful info when these messes pop up. The naqture of these problems do seem to have a consistant pattern accross the board for most of us here. Maybe they truly don't even know whats going on right under their own stupid banner. And when they finally do react to the problems it feels like they dispatch their on-call tech who goes in to their secret server facility hidden under their new banner and he flips some giant reset button and in turn goes back home to bed. The problems seem to always return, sometimes with a slight variation. I think a may have seen a script-like thank you once after one of their magical fixes

    • But...but...but...you don't understand! If you don't change your web site every few months it will get boring and no one will use it anymore!
      (end sarcasm tag)

    • Just updating more errors:

      1. Brad Miller (Sea-SS) ALWAYS disappears even when just loading a team and not doing anything else. Yahoo hated Brad Miller.

      2. An Add/Drop was blocked because I got message that a person on the DL was no longer on the DL therefore I was over roster limit. After messing around for awhile Yahoo finally let me make the move cause guess what ... dude IS still on the DL.

      And yes BillyBob, I agree. But I am letting them know the only way I know how. I don't have time to read fine print, click on links that send me to other links etc etc to tell them they suck. They don't make it easy to reach them. Thus a message on one of their boards seemed the easiest way to do it.

      Yahoo, why can you not make it easy to contact you like put a contact link on League pages displayed in BOLD and easy to find. As well as a Suggestion Box link as in ... wait for it ... get rid of the bloody black bar at the top of my screen that I will never ever use.

    • This is happening to a LOT of people. You need to let them know this is happening so they can fix it. When Yahoo is working, it's the best fantasy site I've ever used. But yeah, right now, there is a MAJOR malfunction going on.


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