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    Yahoo Not Updating Starting lineups

    This has happened to me several times now. I set my starting pitchers the night before. The screen shows lineup changes saved. And the next day, AFTER all games have been played I find out none of my starting pitchers were in my lineup. I have no way of proving this I realize, however I can't help but think it is a Yahoo problem considering the number of issues they have had this year. Has anyone else experienced this?

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    • Once you've updated a date, it locks things in for that date unless you make a move (free agency, waivers, trade, etc). So, if you update your roster for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday all on Monday morning, and then adjust Tuesday on Tuesday, the rosters that you set for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are not impacted. This could cause the impact you're talking about, if you were expecting your Tuesday change to the Tuesday roster to impact the Wednesday roster that you had previously set on Monday.

      But... if the day you changed the night before was the day you wanted to impact, then I guess the only recourse is to double-check on the day of the games, or to contact Yahoo help to see if they can diagnose the problem. I've been playing Yahoo fantasy baseball for years and make frequent roster changes and have never incurred this problem.

      If you haven't maintained future dates, or if you're maintaining the furthestmost future date that you've maintained, then all dates beyond that adopt that date's roster.

      Sturg's response is also accurate... if you make a free agency move, then it resets the future dates that you've set in advance to all match whatever is on the current date. I guess the assumption is that your forward-thinking roster changes can't be assumed to still be valid after the players on your team have been changed.

    • Yes, I have experienced it. I would suggest going back to the Fantasy Baseball Home and then go back to your team page to double check and make sure.

    • yes...if you make any changes to your line up or pick up a free agent or make a transaction for some reason yahoo re sets your line up...danny salazar still not avail in yahoo even though he starting in an hour...yahoo stinks!


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