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  • Man it's crazy how many teams dropped Zack so soon. Give the guy a chance, it's only his 3rd game. Gee Whiz!

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    • Have you seen him pitch ? I already trashed him here earlier this week, so I feel bad doing it again, but I've watched all 3 of his starts and can say fairly confidently that Wheeler has negative fantasy value and should be dropped. He is wild. Walks and wild pitches are his game. He is so bad at holding runners the catcher doesn't make a throw because the infielders don't bother covering. That's how big a jump the runners get off him. Guys who steal 4 bases a year will steal off him and make it. He will constantly be pitching with a runner on 2nd base. Expect at least a 1.40 whip and an era well over 4 and since he's on the Mets, he will get no run support and no middle relief, so very few wins. He should be in AAA.

    • Pitchers are expendable and if they aren't pitching gems every game, they don't have a spot on many people's rosters.


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