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  • Michael Michael Jun 27, 2013 1:18 PM Flag

    Hey can anyone answer this question?

    So Brandon league gave up 2 runs last night without recording an out. His ERA and WHIP both have the initials INF instead of numbers. i know INF stands for infinity, but why does it not adjust my opponents ERA for the week? I have noticed this before, and it does not make any sense to me. Can anyone fill me in on whats going on there?

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    • Mike,
      It all gets figured in either when he converts his first out for the week. Soon as that happens, he'll personally have a 9.00 WHIP, and a 54.00 ERA. Even if he doesn't, and ends up "INF" for the week, what he gave up will just get added to all his other pitching lines for the week. So it get figured in really as soon as someone on his staff completes an outing. Then stat tracker totals in the real numbers behind the INF (2 ER, 3H). That's it!

    • Mike,
      If he's had other pitching already this week, then it's already figured in there,and you just missed it, or sometimes Yahoo gets "behind" in updating those stats. The problem for you is that you can't tell that it's there unless you know exactly how many hit, walks, and ER's ALL of his pitchers have given up. Of course you can go back to the box scores and figure it out, but to me it's a lot of time spent for nothing. What you'll find is that all those other totals will be 2 Runs and 3Hits less than the actual team total and the ERA and WHIP will be off by just that much too.


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