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  • Willy D Willy D May 17, 2013 3:15 PM Flag

    to Yahoo Fantasy Sports::: I need help understanding this...

    How is it possible for a guy on the DL to be ranked higher than one who has been playing? I see this happening all the time, and it does not make sense to me. Please explain, if you can? What are the criteria for ranking a player? Do you assign some kind of "Fantasy points" to them, and do they get some just for being an established veteran? If not, then how do you rank pitchers in the same ranking system with hitters? I'd really like to know, so that I can believe you whenever I push the ranking button or the matchup button at the top of my team's page.

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    • Are you a noob? Rankings are determined based on player performance over the past couple years, and current ranks are based on the current season. Some guy#$%$ .185 shouldn't be ranked higher than a guy who's been hurt all year... it's negative value (i.e. its better to have an empty spot).

      The rankings aren't perfect, but that's how it's based.


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