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  • Robert Robert Apr 22, 2013 8:27 PM Flag

    Do not join this league- commish cheats

    League ID#: 106096
    League Name: Long Ball
    Password: mlb
    Season Type: Full

    It a keeper league. I gave up prospect Xander Brogrets and Bruce Rondo for a 35 year old closer and Cardinals catcher Molina. The owner of the other team wanted these 2 prospects. The commish then sent him emails saying these prospects suck which they do not suck. Well, other owner backed out commish convincing him too. What a commish. Now commish has locked my team. He will try to replace me: My team has: Harper, Longoria, Trumbo, Middlebrooks, Cespdes and Eaton on his wa back along with Cueto, Moore, Hamales and etc. Commish is scared of me cause I know baseball and he saw me as a treat. If you take over my team be prepared for commish to get owners to back out of your deals and lock your team. I can tell when a commish feels threatened.

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    • You are nothing but a cry baby. You think you are the only one in your league who knows baseball? That is pure ego, man. The commish tried to save the other player from making a big mistake by taking your unproven talent, and giving you some experienced guys that would surely help you win more games. Those two youngsters could be sent down next week, then where would your trading partner be?

    • First of all, the commish can discuss with any manager any trade period and so can everyone else for that matter. So your complaint about that is extremely silly. It appears to me that the commish locked you out because you were being a butthead on the message boards about a trade that anyone is allowed to discuss "that is why there is a waiting period, so managers can discuss the value of the players and trade as a whole" so again your complaint is silly. This is fantasy sports for goodness sake, why would he be afraid of you? It isn't like you are going to hurt anyone over a fantasy game, at least I hope, sheesh.

    • Notwithstanding your opinion of your baseball knowledge and that of your Commish which is irrelevant, your league constitution should deal with this problem. It does not sound like you did anything to warrant having your team locked or kicked out of the league. Willy, why is it Robert's fault that some guy in your league wanted to accept a trade that YOU or anyone else thinks is unfair. If he wants the prospects and wants to build for the future, that is his perrogative. Offering a "lopsided" trade does not warrant action against you.


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