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  • Ryan Ryan Apr 6, 2013 1:21 PM Flag

    Who to drop: Lorenzo Cain or David Murphy?

    Gotta pick up some pitching help and trying to decide who I drop: Cain or Murphy? I'd say Cain probably has more breakout potential than Murphy, but he's hurt all the time and his numbers are such a small sample size. Murphy has quietly put up decent numbers for a few seasons now and has an above average OPS.

    Tough, because Murphy would be more dependable than Cain...but if Cain stays healthy and some of the other young Royals bats come alive he could put up great numbers.

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    • I like Murphy...slow start so far but should come around and Texas has a team that will give him many chances for runs and rbi's......i have him also and face the same descision......have him, Beltran and Franklin Gutierez, gotta drop one....im thinking Beltran, hurt and older....any thoughts?

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      • If you can hold onto Beltran for a while I would, he is hurt and old but he's also still capable of giving you good HR and RBI totals (and he also plays for a good team). At least try to hang onto him for the first half of the season, last year he had a big drop-off after the All Star break. Then trade him

        I was also leaning towards keeping Murphy over Cain...I just don't want to regret letting Cain go.


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