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  • Pete Pete Mar 17, 2013 3:31 PM Flag

    Fans of LAD, NYY, Cincy, Texas, other elites sought for 1 Exclusive Control Lge slots

    Ever wish you could manage your favorite MLB franchise, in a fantasy league? You can, in MLB Tripleheader. This is a new H2H keeper league, with Exclusive Control over MLB franchises.

    Ten of us each manage one fantasy squad, exclusively stocking it with players from three MLB rosters. No trades or waivers. Only you control those three MLB franchises' players.

    We have one opening, with nine of 10 spots taken.

    Available teams include the LA Dodgers, Cincinnati Reds, NY Yankees, Texas Rangers, and possibly the Milwaukee Brewers or Chicago White Sox.

    Looking for superb (i.e. 55 or even 60-plus Yahoo rating) fantasy players with adept and extensive records in Yahoo leagues. Who grew up rooting for such teams or have for many years, often go to the games, and name some of their fantasy squads after this team or its star player.

    If that's you, go ahead and join:
    league: 124326; password: MLB2013

    That gets you in, tentatively. We have extra room, and may overfill before choosing who gets the last slot. Yet, once we have an outstanding candidate that person might get it promptly. Such just happened, w/a fellow who’s a rabid Cards fan for decades. So, wow us about your favorite team as others (more familiar to us) already have.

    Not looking for someone who like many others merely wants to control a certain MLB team's players. We want a sentimental connection, which you'll explain as part of the selection process. You'll want a team with players good enough to base a fantasy squad around. w/all-around fantasy production (SP, RP, power, speed).

    Thus priority goes to a rabid LAD, NYY, Cincy or Ranger fan ahead of Milw, CWS.

    Already claimed are the LAA, Jays, Cards, Tigers, Braves, Red Sox, Nats, Giants and D'backs.

    Here's how our exclusive leagues work:
    We take turns choosing a second roster. In reverse order of a league-wide power ranking, established by each of us rating the other initial MLB teams. This format has clicked well. (Similar league returned everyone for year two.)

    We will 'keep' one or possibly two of those three MLB teams, each season. i.e. keep one for '14, two for 2015 on. Will see what league members prefer.

    This league is run by two commissioners, each who has coordinated a network of leagues. There are inevitably openings in those leagues. (no more for '13) So it's a good way to get in with other outstanding owners.

    Hope you join.
    Commissioners Pete, Karl

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    • One opening.
      If you're a strong fantasy player with an extensive, excellent Yahoo record and a diehard fan of LAD, NYY, Texas or Cincy...

      please join, to contend for the final opening:

      league: 124326; password: MLB2013

    • Hey guys!

      League sounds really cool. Would love to participate.

      My Yahoo rating is 76%. Play a lot (variety of sports).

      Wanted to clarify one thing before I join as I'll have to delete the league I just created as it's my 8th ball team (yahoo maximum) (no one has joined it yet so no problem deleting before people do).

      I'm a hardcore Jays fan and I see that team is already taken. But I also a big fan of the Dodgers. Have family in the LA area & have rooted for a Jays vs Dodgers final for years (maybe this year is the one!). Would you consider accepting me on those grounds?


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      • 'Sayer': Thanks for your interest, and flexibility.
        We sometimes take someone in, to run their second team.
        Mostly if they also lived there. Rather than merely have relatives, as you do.

        But priority goes for people running their favorite teams, and we have one in contention. (We filled the other opening.)

        You can be in the running to run the Jays, possibly to step in this season. Or. much more likely, to do so next year. We have four strong Jays fans, and are working each one into a league like this for this season.

        I run hockey (with many Canadians in them) and football leagues, too.

        For starters, you can either join the league temporarily to show your Yahoo ID. I can scan it, to see how you've done in baseball over the years. And emai me in there, so I have your email contact. Then you can bow out. But we'll be in contact after that.


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