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  • Benton B Benton B Mar 5, 2013 9:22 PM Flag

    Pro Leagues???

    I am aware that the pro leagues are not running but does anyone know why??? Is this a software issue or are there legal/gambling issues? If this is simply a computer issue, it would seem that Yahoo would fix it ASAP as I imagine that they are losing more and more money as time goes by. Thoughts or any information as to when they will/if be up and running would be appreciated.

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    • I heard from a friend of mine, who's cousin's wife knows the wife of a developer for Yahoo Fantasy Sports and they are currently trying to figure out the software which gives them the legalities of producing the ability to program legalized software which will run on a robust system of servers that will eventually lead to the re-introduction of what we refer to as Pro Leagues...

      This post in no way a legally binding nor is it a true post from anyone who knows anything about everything.

      PS, I'm patiently waiting, until I run out of patience. Take note Yahoo, we know you're listening.

    • If you've been reading these boards for the last month it's pretty obvious the answer is, "NO!", no one on here knows why and no one on here has any indication from anyone at Yahoo as to when it will be up. The only post I saw that had any credibility was a couple weeks ago where someone claimed to have gotten an e-mail from "customer service" at Yahoo that said Pro Leagues would be up and running "shortly". That's typical of the kind of non-answers to specific questions that they give, which is why I give it some credibility.

      My suggestion is to check back mid day each day. Since they're on the west coast nothing ever happens early (East coast time). My guess, and that's all it is, is that they'll be up in the next few days.

      And, based on the payouts that they posted in the short time they were "available" and are indicated on their blast e-mails, Yahoo will make very little on FB. Chump change to them. It just gets them page views and advertising bucks.

    • It's a legal issue is what I've heard. Something to do with disclaimers or such.


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