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    Fantrax Fantasy Baseball

    This is the new home for the Yahoo Fantrax Fantasy Baseball Gang.

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    • Not what we are used to, but it will have to do.

    • I'm still somewhat confused about setting this up as "Summary/Expanded" & "Threaded/Message List". That may be the key in organizing posts under topics. You guts know a lot more about that stuff than I do. Anyway, here is my latest roster & 1st week lineup. Still watching the Detroit closer situation and Shelby Miller/Chris Archer cheap SP situation, etc. Dropped Lincecum for A.J. Griffin for now. If Lincecum shows he still has anything left I might reconsider. And I still don't have Stanton. My roster total of 42.92M is right on my neutral target of 42.94M.

      Pos Player Salary
      C Mauer, Joe C,UT - MIN 870,000
      C Santana, Carlos C,UT - CLE 770,000
      1B Rizzo, Anthony 1B,UT - CHC 810,000
      1B Votto, Joey 1B,UT - CIN 1,470,000
      2B Pedroia, Dustin 2B,UT - BOS 1,210,000
      2B Phillips, Brandon 2B,UT - CIN 1,180,000
      3B Cabrera, Miguel 3B,UT - DET 1,700,000
      3B Middlebrooks, Will 3B,UT - BOS 730,000
      SS Ramirez, Hanley SS,UT - LAD 1,180,000
      SS Simmons, Andrelton SS,UT - ATL 450,000
      OF Eaton, Adam OF,UT - ARI 450,000
      OF Harper, Bryce OF,UT - WAS 1,000,000
      OF Heyward, Jason OF,UT - ATL 1,060,000
      OF Kemp, Matt OF,UT - LAD 1,480,000
      OF Trout, Mike OF,UT - LAA 1,450,000
      OF Upton, Justin OF,UT - ATL 1,190,000
      UT Bruce, Jay OF,UT - CIN 1,100,000
      UT Machado, Manny 3B,UT - BAL 560,000
      SP Anderson, Brett SP,P - OAK 740,000
      SP Darvish, Yu SP,P - TEX 1,000,000
      SP Kershaw, Clayton SP,P - LAD 1,560,000
      SP Price, David SP,P - TB 1,430,000
      SP Sale, Chris SP,P - CHW 1,090,000
      SP Strasburg, Stephen SP,P - WAS 1,250,000
      RP Kimbrel, Craig RP,P - ATL 1,300,000
      RP Romo, Sergio RP,P - SF 1,050,000
      RP Soriano, Rafael RP,P - WAS 1,020,000
      P Samardzija, Jeff SP,P - CHC 710,000
      Total 29,810,000

      Player Salary
      Posey, Buster C,UT - SF 990,000
      Craig, Allen 1B,UT - STL 1,100,000
      Cano, Robinson 2B,UT - NYY 1,530,000
      Castro, Starlin SS,UT - CHC 1,120,000
      Marte, Starling OF,UT - PIT 550,000
      Bumgarner, Madison SP,P - SF 1,200,000
      Cain, Matt SP,P - SF 1,310,000
      Gonzalez, Gio SP,P - WAS 1,240,000
      Griffin, A.J. SP,P - OAK 650,000
      Hernandez, Felix SP,P - SEA 1,250,000
      Medlen, Kris SP,P - ATL 1,080,000
      Motte, Jason RP,P - STL 1,090,000
      Total 13,110,000

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      • We have fairly similar rosters, I'm almost done tinkering with my first one. I tailed you guys on Andrelton and Eaton. I'm also taking a flier on this Segura guy for now. Gonna keep an eye on him in ST.

        I can't decide between The Shark or Matt Moore. I might end taking both, but I really don't think I have room for both. We have basically the same OF, but I'm really struggling with whether to keep Kemp. I've been reading up on him some. It sounds like he will be running less this year. A drop in SB alone wouldn't drive me away from him after what he did in 2011, but I guess the surgery he had on his shoulder this last offseason was the same surgery Adrian Gonzalez had. Gonzo hit 36 and 40 HR in freaking Petco Park, then injured his shoulder. He moved to Fenway with that short porch in right, and only managed 27 HR in 2011 and 18 between two teams last year. His doubles jumped by a ton though.....so did he lose just enough power not to clear the fences? Was the shoulder injury even the reason his HR dropped? Could be over analyzing it, but it's definitely something to watch with Kemp in ST.

      • I'm still somewhat confused about setting this up as "Summary/Expanded" & "Threaded/Message List".

    • Some Fantrax player news today:

      Starling Marte triple, walked and scored twice Wednesday against the Red Sox. Marte made quite a name for himself while going 13-for-25 with three homers last spring. This year, he's off to a solid 6-for-17 start as the Pirates' probable left fielder and leadoff hitter. As a potential 15-homer, 30-steal guy, he projects as a very good fantasy outfielder.

    • I was thinking the same thing about the multiple thread thing....and I still get confused about how new posts are placed. I guess if you are on "threaded", the replys are under the post to which they replied...while if you are on "message list" you just get every post, with the most recent one at the top of the list. I think that is what I will do....and that's the way I was doing it on the other board, which was causing the problem Ace talked about, because we had several different threads. Also, these boards may be active, but I'm not sure the end result will be much different than the other board....because there are so many threads and I'm not sure that many people will bother with this particular one. One indication, I guess, will be if we start to get other posters chiming in....and I'm not at all sure that we will. Fantrax doesn't have anything like the number of players that CDM has, for example....or the free games at Yahoo. That's where all the thread activity will be in my opinion....and particularly with Yahoo's own games. We will find out in the next few weeks, but other than it being more inconvenient to follow the posts, I don't think that much will change.

    • I dropped David Price for Justin Verlander....but I'd still like to have Price. (I'm going to wind up with several high-priced SPs when the season starts. The Detroit closer situation is one to watch closely. I think they are pretty much convinced that Rondon isn't ready right now. So they have to eiter trade for a closer or go the dreaded "closer by committee" route....which I don't think they want to do. Two guys in the mix might be Andrew Bailey from Boston (920K) and Johnny Venters from Atlanta (730K). If they get either one of those, I am going to strongly consider dropping Kimbrel (1300K). I know Kimbrel is fantastic, but I would have four solid closers in Soriano, Motte, Romo and Bailey/Venters. And dropping Kimbrel would save 380K if it was for Bailey and a whopping 570K if it was for Venters!

    • In light of all of this, what does everyone think about this idea: Abandon this link...with its buzzword "Fantrax" in the title....and move to a new thread with a title that does not alert people to Fantrax, nor, if possible, encourage anyone to even check it out? That would greatly lower whatever risk is there, don't you think? And it would be very easy to move to a new thread and forget this one. We could email our 4 to 6 people the link to the new thread title.....and just leave this thread alltogether. Ace, Jesse & I...or anyone of us...could come up with a "vanilla" thread title. Something like "Harvey's Wallbangers", "Boys of Summer"...or, really, anything....as long as it didn't mention Fantrax, Fantasy, or even some MLB team's name that might encourage fans of that team to check it out. In other words, we would want as boring a title as possible. Let me know what you think. Of course, if we did this we don't want to put the new thread title on this thread.....but pass it their private email.

    • It is confusing. As I said, we could always go to the OG boards. We could start our own thread on the sports boards...or more than one thread, I guess...but I wouldn't want to push that too much. If we had about 10 or 15 different threads on Fantrax we might catch some flak. However, if we just had one thread I don't think anyone would even pay any attention to it. We might have a few idiots posting some off the wall stuff to start with, but if we just ignorred them I believe they would quickly go away. That thread would be easy to follow....and I think it would be easy to get ace & chris, or whoever, to get registered on there. There are 40 thread titles on each page, and about 25 pages of them.....so I don't think they are going to give a flip about one on Fantrax. They're too busy starting about 15 different threads on getting Bzdelik fired. Also, we could send PMs back & forth there if there was something we didn't want on the public board. And there wouldn't be any risk of Fantrax players there at all....other than us.

      Now, I have a player comparison that I am reconsidering: Paul Goldschmidt or Alen Craig? They (and Freeman) are priced almost the same. The more I look at Goldschmidt, the more I like him. For the money, I still want to keep Rizzo for my 3rd guy.

      And I'm even wondering how much Cano (and his 1530K cost) are going to be hurt by all the Yankee injuries. Now they have ARod, Granderson & Teixeira out.

    • That "Wakeforest22890" will probably post on a Fantrax OG thread. He got a rookie team last year and was in the league with you & ace. I sent him a PM a few weeks ago and he said that he might get a rookie team, but didn't think he could get a gold team this year. If he sees a thread on the OG sports boards, I think he would probably post...and also get a rookie team. I can also send the link for registering on the OG boards to the two Chris's here. One already has a gold team and the other has a rookie team.

    • How is everyone's league coming along? I now have 14 teams in my gold league and 13 teams in my rookie league.

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      • I have 3 players that i really like. Archer, a pitcher for TB who is doubtful to make the rotation no matter how well he is pitching this spring. The other two will most likely earn a everyday job. Unfortunately, Fantrax has yet to add them to the players list. Sure hope they don't end up with that dreaded 750k price tag.
        Aaron Hicks
        Jedd Gyorko

      • I have 10 teams in my league. I have yet to purchase my rookie league. Figured I would wait until my team was pretty much set. I guess I should do it soon to make sure of being in a different league. i need a reminder of everyone's league number.

    • So far, the only rookie league teams are Tan The Man in #1 and me in #3. When I signed up, you could only pick between 1 & 5. That's all they had in rookie last year: 5. They wound up with 12 leagues in gold.

      I looked at Gyorko....but I was wanting him to be listed at 2nd base, and I found him at 3rd base....and I thought that 700Kwas too high. Anyway, I think I read where he is going to start the season in the minors..though I'm not completely sure about that. It said that he "signed a minor league contract", whatever that meant. We've got a San Diego guy here....maybe he knows.

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