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  • bobknightfan bobknightfan Mar 11, 2013 7:24 PM Flag

    Fantrax Fantasy Baseball

    Now they evidently deleted my entire post with that link in it. I had posted the link to the register page for the OG boards and mentioned that that board would be almost like our old Yahoo board...only much more secure. Our Fantrax thread has already slipped to the 2nd page on the sports board, because only the two of us have posted on it. Almost nobody else over there is even going to pay any attention to it. We might get an occasional comment...but they will be few and far between. If it is a sincere one, we can respond....but if it happens to be a smart-aleck one (and you can get a few of those over there on occasion....particularly to me, because I have rubbed some of them the wrong way at times...LOL), we just ignore it. Finally, if we decide we don't like that situation, we can just log out and stop posting there. I've already stopped posting on everything over there except this one thread. If you decided to register, you can send me a PM (private message) with any questions you have about the site. Also, I'm pretty sure they don't ask for any personal information in the registration process. There may be a place for listing a referrer...which you could put bobknightfan or DiegoTiger. Anyway, I think that might work out well for us...as a vehicle for having our own more secure thread.

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