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  • bobknightfan bobknightfan Mar 9, 2013 7:56 PM Flag

    Fantrax Fantasy Baseball

    I've had a major "do-over" on my team. Dropped back to 12 SPs and added a 9th outfielder. Dropped the following players: Madison Bumgarner, Kris Medlen, Sergio Romo, Robinson Cano, Brandon Phillips, Andrelton Simmons & Matt Kemp. Picked up the following players: Justin Verlander, Bruce Rondon, Ian Kinsler, Jason Kipnis, Jose Reyes, Giancarlo Stanton & Yoenis Cespedes.

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    • Wow! that is a big change. Although, this is the time of year where major changes can happen.

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      • I'm sure there will be more. Rondon still hasn't won his job....and I may not want to pay that much for Price. I've got a lot of high-priced SPs....but if you're going with 12 instead of 13, I think you need to have more sure things. Also, the reason I dropped Kemp is that I'm concerned he won't run as much. Also, if you look at his entire career, he had one or two big years....but he hasn't been a steady .300+, 35-40 HR kind of guy all the time. He's good, but I'm not sure he is worth 1480K....particularly without those 30+ SBs.

    • Hey why did you delete your roster on the OG thread? Something #$%$ you?

      As to your adds/drops...

      I cut Andrelton as well.....have a couple of cheap guys that I am trying to make work.

      Why ditch Bum and Medlen? Is it just to free up room for Verlander? I like Bum a lot, and think Medlen is gonna be a solid value.

      There are too many dang pitchers that I want. Do you both carry a 4th closer on the bench? I've been struggling with that option.

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      • I didn't delete it for any particular reason. I just thought it might be taking up too much room and one of the other board members might make a smarky remark about it.....though, as I said, I don't think any of the other board members are even going to take much of a passing glance at our thread. I really believe that if we get some of our guys posting there, it will quickly become almost like the old Yahoo thread. You might occasionally get an intruder commenting....but if they are just ignorred they, too, will soon fade away, and it will be just us. I sent a PM to Matt (WF22890) in Boston this morning. Told him that the thread was up, in case he had not noticed, and that if he decided to get a rookie team not to pick league #1 or #3. Also, Ace hasn't picked a rookie league yet...but I think he is going to get one. (I have 14 teams in both my leagues now.)

        I'll put my roster back up on that post. As I said, there wasn't any real reason I deleted it. And it might even encourage someone to play if they happen to notice it. As I said, I will respond to any serious post on that thread by a WF poster....but I'm not going to be lured into any kind of combative argument with anyone.

      • LOL. I just read the rest of your post. I had stopped after the question about deleting my roster.

        Yes....most definitely Yes...on the 4th closer. Don't even consider not having 4 closers. The only reason I am starting only 3 the first week is that I have 10 SPs who are getting two starts, so I am going to use 7 of them to hopefully get off to a good start with wins & strikeouts. For budget purposes I would have liked to bench Kimbrel instead of Motte....but the Braves have 6 games at home against the Phillies & Cubs, while the Cardinals have 6 games on the road at Arizona & San Francisco.....so I thought the risk in lost saves (particularly since I was going with oly 3 closers) outweighed the extra 210K.

        As far as Bumgarner & Medlen, I'm still looking at them. I've always thought that I might have to pick between Bumgarner & Gio Gonzalez and between Medlen & Sale....as two sets of closely priced guys. As we have talked about, there are just so many options!

    • Why Andrelton Simmons? Did you find a better sleeper?


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