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  • bobknightfan bobknightfan Mar 7, 2013 7:38 PM Flag

    Fantrax Fantasy Baseball

    It is confusing. As I said, we could always go to the OG boards. We could start our own thread on the sports boards...or more than one thread, I guess...but I wouldn't want to push that too much. If we had about 10 or 15 different threads on Fantrax we might catch some flak. However, if we just had one thread I don't think anyone would even pay any attention to it. We might have a few idiots posting some off the wall stuff to start with, but if we just ignorred them I believe they would quickly go away. That thread would be easy to follow....and I think it would be easy to get ace & chris, or whoever, to get registered on there. There are 40 thread titles on each page, and about 25 pages of them.....so I don't think they are going to give a flip about one on Fantrax. They're too busy starting about 15 different threads on getting Bzdelik fired. Also, we could send PMs back & forth there if there was something we didn't want on the public board. And there wouldn't be any risk of Fantrax players there at all....other than us.

    Now, I have a player comparison that I am reconsidering: Paul Goldschmidt or Alen Craig? They (and Freeman) are priced almost the same. The more I look at Goldschmidt, the more I like him. For the money, I still want to keep Rizzo for my 3rd guy.

    And I'm even wondering how much Cano (and his 1530K cost) are going to be hurt by all the Yankee injuries. Now they have ARod, Granderson & Teixeira out.

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    • Yeah, you are probably right about og.....we could give it a whirl if ace wants to sign up.

      I have Rizzo and Craig, and have flirted with Freeman.....just too many similarly priced options at 1b

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      • Chris Davis needs to be in the mix, imo. I got burnt with him a couple times as a sleeper at Texas. He hit 33 home runs last year and batted .270 last year at Baltimore. At 26 i expect him to improve his numbers this year, and he is just 890k

      • I have an idea. Why don't you go ahead and start a Fantrax thread on the OG Sports board and you & I can "test the waters" while keeping this one as well for the time being. You can name it anything you wish, and we will just stick to that one thread for all our posts for the time being. It would still be easy to follow....much easier than this one, and no other Fantrax players to worry about. Ace can decide what he wants to do about the OG boards....though I anticipate no problems in getting him registered if he wants to do it. Those boards have tons of posters from everywhere. You don't even have to be connected to WF at all to register. In the mean time, you & I can make a few posts there and see what happens. Probably before the end of the month we can decide which place is the best way to go. I think the best strategy is to respond to any posters who might be interested in Fantrax and want to know more about it....and just completely ignore any other comments that might be made. (And I don't expect there to be many of them. That thread will probably slide down the first page of 40 threads fairly quickly unless you or I posted to bump it back up.) I'm not interested in getting into any #$%$ match" with some of the idiots on that board.....and you know I have been a "lightening rod" to some of them. As a matter of fact, I had decided to about stop posting there. My last post on either the sports or politics board was a week ago today on March 1st. I had just gotten completely burned out on politics. This happened on the Yahoo boards we had, too. Eventually, everyone has said everything they know to say....and nobody ever "converts" anyone, anyway. That's how ace & I (who are political polar opposites, came to our board....with the understanding that it was "sports only"....with a decided interest in fantasy baseball. It worked out really well. I would suggest that that same situation be used on a thread on the OG boards....and here as well. Anyway, you could beging a thread, and I will make a post and we can just watch to see what happens. As I said, I don't think those guys over there are going to spend any time at all even looking at it. They are all in heat over this Bzdelik thing now....particularly since they made the local Winston-Salem television this morning with their "BuzzOut" campaign.


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