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  • bobknightfan bobknightfan Mar 6, 2013 11:28 AM Flag

    Fantrax Fantasy Baseball

    I'm still somewhat confused about setting this up as "Summary/Expanded" & "Threaded/Message List". That may be the key in organizing posts under topics. You guts know a lot more about that stuff than I do. Anyway, here is my latest roster & 1st week lineup. Still watching the Detroit closer situation and Shelby Miller/Chris Archer cheap SP situation, etc. Dropped Lincecum for A.J. Griffin for now. If Lincecum shows he still has anything left I might reconsider. And I still don't have Stanton. My roster total of 42.92M is right on my neutral target of 42.94M.

    Pos Player Salary
    C Mauer, Joe C,UT - MIN 870,000
    C Santana, Carlos C,UT - CLE 770,000
    1B Rizzo, Anthony 1B,UT - CHC 810,000
    1B Votto, Joey 1B,UT - CIN 1,470,000
    2B Pedroia, Dustin 2B,UT - BOS 1,210,000
    2B Phillips, Brandon 2B,UT - CIN 1,180,000
    3B Cabrera, Miguel 3B,UT - DET 1,700,000
    3B Middlebrooks, Will 3B,UT - BOS 730,000
    SS Ramirez, Hanley SS,UT - LAD 1,180,000
    SS Simmons, Andrelton SS,UT - ATL 450,000
    OF Eaton, Adam OF,UT - ARI 450,000
    OF Harper, Bryce OF,UT - WAS 1,000,000
    OF Heyward, Jason OF,UT - ATL 1,060,000
    OF Kemp, Matt OF,UT - LAD 1,480,000
    OF Trout, Mike OF,UT - LAA 1,450,000
    OF Upton, Justin OF,UT - ATL 1,190,000
    UT Bruce, Jay OF,UT - CIN 1,100,000
    UT Machado, Manny 3B,UT - BAL 560,000
    SP Anderson, Brett SP,P - OAK 740,000
    SP Darvish, Yu SP,P - TEX 1,000,000
    SP Kershaw, Clayton SP,P - LAD 1,560,000
    SP Price, David SP,P - TB 1,430,000
    SP Sale, Chris SP,P - CHW 1,090,000
    SP Strasburg, Stephen SP,P - WAS 1,250,000
    RP Kimbrel, Craig RP,P - ATL 1,300,000
    RP Romo, Sergio RP,P - SF 1,050,000
    RP Soriano, Rafael RP,P - WAS 1,020,000
    P Samardzija, Jeff SP,P - CHC 710,000
    Total 29,810,000

    Player Salary
    Posey, Buster C,UT - SF 990,000
    Craig, Allen 1B,UT - STL 1,100,000
    Cano, Robinson 2B,UT - NYY 1,530,000
    Castro, Starlin SS,UT - CHC 1,120,000
    Marte, Starling OF,UT - PIT 550,000
    Bumgarner, Madison SP,P - SF 1,200,000
    Cain, Matt SP,P - SF 1,310,000
    Gonzalez, Gio SP,P - WAS 1,240,000
    Griffin, A.J. SP,P - OAK 650,000
    Hernandez, Felix SP,P - SEA 1,250,000
    Medlen, Kris SP,P - ATL 1,080,000
    Motte, Jason RP,P - STL 1,090,000
    Total 13,110,000

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    • We have fairly similar rosters, I'm almost done tinkering with my first one. I tailed you guys on Andrelton and Eaton. I'm also taking a flier on this Segura guy for now. Gonna keep an eye on him in ST.

      I can't decide between The Shark or Matt Moore. I might end taking both, but I really don't think I have room for both. We have basically the same OF, but I'm really struggling with whether to keep Kemp. I've been reading up on him some. It sounds like he will be running less this year. A drop in SB alone wouldn't drive me away from him after what he did in 2011, but I guess the surgery he had on his shoulder this last offseason was the same surgery Adrian Gonzalez had. Gonzo hit 36 and 40 HR in freaking Petco Park, then injured his shoulder. He moved to Fenway with that short porch in right, and only managed 27 HR in 2011 and 18 between two teams last year. His doubles jumped by a ton though.....so did he lose just enough power not to clear the fences? Was the shoulder injury even the reason his HR dropped? Could be over analyzing it, but it's definitely something to watch with Kemp in ST.

    • I'm still somewhat confused about setting this up as "Summary/Expanded" & "Threaded/Message List".


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