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    Cheating Commissioner

    Does anyone know how to report a cheating commissioner. In League ID #49173, the Commissioner has: 1. Changed the waiver priority immediately before the draft and granted himself the #1 pick; 2. After the draft, changed the approval of trades from league votes to Commissioner; 3. AFTER the draft, changed the stats categories AND increased the number of pitching categories so that in this Head to Head Categories league, pitching now outweighs batting (and, of course, his draft leaned heavily towards pitching); also he did away with the standard categories such as wins and replaced them with quality starts and net saves and other obtuse categories. Any team that drafted with an expectation of stats categories was badly mislead; and 4. Changed my active and bench roster without my approval of knowledge. I am not the only person who is very unhappy, but the league is still functioning and this person is still Commissioner. I'd just like out, but you can't get out.


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