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    BRAVES Fan’s Dream League

    BRAVES Fans:
    Ever wish you could manage the Braves’ players as a unit?
    You can, in EXCLUSIVITY Clause. New H2H league.
    league: 28387; password: claws

    Intermediate to more advanced in owners’ ability.
    14 of us each manage one fantasy squad, exclusively controlling players from Two MLB rosters.

    We will 'keep' either one of our two MLB teams, each season.

    We have one opening, for an NL team. NL teams taken are Dodgers, Reds, Cards, Nats, Giants and Phils.
    Braves are the other main team, and they’re still available. (We have all seven initial AL teams.)

    We join as our main team (one of our sentimental favorites). We take turns choosing a second roster.
    In reverse order of a league-wide power ranking, established by each of us rating the other initial MLB teams. This format has clicked well. (Similar league returned everyone for year two.)

    In this casting call for Best Braves Dude, we have room for as many as seven more to join -- all as the Braves. When you join, post in the Braves message thread. So I see who joined first, which aid in a tiebreaker. Once we get an outstanding candidate, he may get the berth. We’ll likely decide after a couple of days.

    To bolster your candidacy, once joining email the commissioner. Note any personal links to the Braves such as living near Atlanta, watching them on TBS while growing up (where?). Other Sentimental Favorite Franchises, and why.

    To show how you’ve done in Yahoo leagues, in that email copy ‘n paste the full web link to your main Yahoo Profile/ID. Looking for at least 55% (if in tough private leagues), preferably 60% or better overall and consistent upper-level finishes in baseball.

    Seeing your record also helps see who (among those wanting to) might best take over a defending regular-season champ, in an established regular-format H2H quasi-dynasty league. (w/large rosters and numerous pertinent stats.)

    Also, we have two openings in our only new H2H quasi-dynasty.

    Looking forward to hearing your story as a rabid Braves fan. Hope to soon sign one of you to an Exclusivity Clause.


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