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  • Ray Ray Feb 26, 2013 9:04 AM Flag


    I dunno,but they are REALLY cutting this too close.......,a lot of folks have already joined or started their own $$$ leagues cause' Yahoo is saying nothing.........


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    • It does seem odd. I do not get it, it must have made money for them, increased traffic etc. I just do not understand the complete lack of communication.

      Folks put posts on that say they were told etc by etc. but nothing ever happens. My inquiries go unaswered. It seems like it would just be so simple to make an annoucement.

      I am going to hold out because it just seems so unlikely that a zillion dollar corporation would send out invites to pro leagues as they did to me, put them up, and then take them away never to return with no explanation.

    • Keep in mind that Spring Training started early this year because of the WBC. Last year the leagues were up about a month before the regular season, which is later this week. That being said, it's still disconcerting how Yahoo fails to communicate so often. Give them till the 1st.

    • They've been saying they will be available "soon" since the beginning of February. I'm switching sites if I don't hear a real update by the end of the week.

    • This is a portion of the e-mail I received 9days ago. Hello ron, Thank you for being a Yahoo! user since 2007....... i want to apologize for any Inconvenience this issue has caused you.Currently our Pro League for fantasy baseball are not yet live. However, we are working on bringing them online by the afternoon of Friday, Feb22..............Thanks Jose Yahoo custumer care. I wish they would tell us what the hang up is!


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