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  • Dustin Dustin Feb 25, 2013 8:53 PM Flag

    Willing to join your league if...

    I'm willing to join an additional fantasy league or two that you need managers for, but only if your willing to join my league as well. I have two leagues that need managers. There both first year leagues with a mix of experienced and new players. One league is AL Only 6x6, live auction, rotisserie. The other is same format but NL only. Five spots currently available in NL only league, 8 spots in the AL only league.

    I played in three leagues last year. Finished second in two of the leagues and 7th in the other. Not a great manager, but will be at draft and active.

    I am more likely to agree to join your league if it is rotisserie and holds its draft after 9:30 pm (EST). Am flexible with draft type (auction, snake, or even autopick if I like your league layout). NO PAY LEAGUES (I ain't got no money).

    Reply or email if interested and I will see if I am interested in joining your league.


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