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  • Steve Steve Feb 24, 2013 11:38 AM Flag

    Three identical leages Let's play two. For the fun of it

    Wow Chris have you really got nothing better to do? I am a third year player. who loses as much as he wins and play as a hobby.As for your other hurled and stupid insults you could not be more wrong. I like Drama -free leagues and you are Drama's Poster child. You are arrogant..opinionated and apparently paranoid. go #$%$ on someone else's shoe..... But thanks for the bump.

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    • No problem on the bump, have another. My job makes me very wary of things - not paranoid at all. Public leagues are a good place for new players to cut their teeth, and get a base of people they know to start private leagues. Allows you to get people out that don't play out the season, try dirty dealing, etc.... Your post threw up red flags to me, hope/glad to be wrong. Good luck.


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