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    Which would you Keep?

    12-team, long-term Keeper league since 2002. We're now allowed to keep up to *10* players. Who would you pick as your 10 from this list? Some are no brainers, I know. But I'm stuck on a few. Thanks!

    Billy Butler
    Andrian Beltre
    Dustin Pedroia
    Starlin Castro
    Matt Kemp
    Andrew McCutchen
    Carlos Gonzalez
    Yadier Molina
    Mike Moustakas
    Ryan Howard
    Adam Dunn
    Jimmy Rollins

    CC Sabathia
    Cliff Lee
    Jon Lester
    Aroldis Chapman
    Rafael Soriano
    Jarrod Parker
    Jake Peavy
    Michael Pineda

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    • Lets get the obvious out of the way first.
      1. Matt Kemp
      2. Andrew McCutchen
      3. Carlos Gonzalez
      4. Starlin Castro - Young stud future top 5 SS
      5. Dustin Pedroia - getting older but still top 5 second baseman
      6. Billy Butler - The only 1st baseman you have but will give you solid numbers and is the next best thing when the Votto's, Fielder's are gone. Some may say he's not an obvious choice but with 10 keepers he's better than anyone you'll get in the draft and better than some first baseman that will be kept.

      You could go two different ways for your final 4, the win now approach or the build for later approach. Given the core above you can win now with the following 4.
      7. CC Sabathia - He's older and has no upside, but is a workhorse with a solid K rate that's good for 15 wins with a good ERA & WHIP.
      8. Cliff Lee - Like Sabathia he's old with no upside, but his numbers speak for himself. He may not get the wins with Philly, but he'll have more than last year with similar stats.
      9. Jon Lester - He had an off year after 4 very solid years. He's not gonna have an ERA under 3 and may not get 200+ strikeouts, but an ERA in the low 3's with with 180+ K's and 13-15 wins are very realistic. Bounce back candidate.
      10. Adrian Beltre - He turns 34 this year but he can carry your team at 3rd base. Moustakas is yournger with upside, but keeping him could leave a hole for you at 3rd for a few years, or longer if he doesn't improve.

      If you choose to get the potential future player which involves some risk go with
      7. Aroldis Chapman - He did great as a closer and will give you K's, but there is no guarantee the success he had as a closer will translate to the starting rotation.
      8. Jarrod Parker - Another young pitcher with upside. His number were up and down depending on month. He has good but not great strikeout potential and is a year or two away from being a top pitcher. He should be ok this year, but given his ranking I think you can get him back if you let him go, unlike Chapman
      10. Mike Moustakas - He's younger than Beltre with 25+HR power. He's probably a year or two away with his BA. Just like any rookie he's a risk and there are better options in the minors a year or two away. How much do you like him?

      The no's
      1 Yadier Mokina - Catcher is deep and you'll be able to get someone you can live with
      2 Jimmy Rollins - Will be better or equal to Castro this year, but has no long term value
      3 Adam Dunn - Big power but on downside of career and a BA killer
      4 Ryan Howard - Could have more power than Butler but Butler will give you better overall numbers. Howards may have a good year left in him but at 33 with a declining BA, not worth a keeper spot.
      5 Rafael Soriano - He's the new closer in Washington but given the players in the bullpen waiting to take over if he faulters, his injury past and the pitchers you have to choose from, you can't keep him.
      6 Michael Pineda - Arm problems this early in his career are never good. If he's healthy he's worth a late round flyer, but more than likely you'll be able to get him off the waiver wire.
      7. Jake Peavy - He had his first good year since leaving SD. He's good and someone I would want on my team, but I don't know if I would keep him over CC, Lee or Lester. You can make your own case for him, that's just my rankings.

    • Beltre, Castro, Pedroie, Kemp, McCutchen, Carlos Gonzalez, CC, Aroldis Chapman, Rafael Soriano, and Cliff Lee

    • Butler, Beltre, Kemp, McCutchen, Cargo, Castro, Molina, Soriano, Pedroia and Cliff Lee.
      That leaves you with your offense set, an ace for your rotation, and a high end closer.
      By the way, nice team.

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      • Matt Kemp
        Andrew McCutchen
        Carlos Gonzalez
        CC Sabathia
        Cliff Lee
        Jon Lester
        Yadier Molina
        Billy Butler
        Dustin Pedroia
        Andrian Beltre

        Molina, Pedroia, Beltre because of position depth and Lester because I think he'll have a vouch back year, the others are kind of no brainers. 10 is a lot of keepers and makes drafts thin especially when it comes to already thin positions like 2B, 3B, and C


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