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  • Richard Richard Feb 21, 2013 5:45 AM Flag

    need manager for 12 team keeper league in 2nd year

    you can keep up to 3 batters and 3 pitchers except your first two draft picks for two picks ahead of where they were drafted last year. undrafted players can be kept for a tenth round pick and can keep another for a fifteenth and so on.. if interested let me know:

    jesus montero (8)
    mike napoli (2)
    allen craig (undrafted)
    carlos beltran (undrafted)
    adam dunn (14)
    dan uggla (1)
    manny machado (undrafted)
    justin morneau (13)
    jayson werth (15)
    jon jay (undrafted)
    starling marte (undrafted)
    rajai davis (undrafted)

    cole hamels (2)
    adam wainwright (4)
    josh johnson (3)
    doug fister (11)
    jason motte (10)
    steve cishek (undrafted)
    greg holland (undrafted)
    jose valverde (5)
    mike minor (20)
    paul maholm (undrafted)


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