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  • Scott B Scott B Feb 20, 2013 10:34 AM Flag

    Thinking of playing fantasy baseball this season....

    I've played fantasy football and fantasy basketball for many years, but never fantasy baseball. How does it differ? Is it just as fun? More fun?

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    • Fantasy football is exciting on game day, in fantasy baseball every day is game day. I don't recommend playing in a roto league, it's awful boring even to me and I'm a baseball fanatic. Anyone new to fantasy baseball would sour on roto rather quickly. I recommend playing in a H2H league. I have openings in the leagues I'm running this season and you're welcome to join. I think you will find fantasy baseball a lot of fun with the right league setup. Shoot me an message if you like fargofantasybaseball at hotmail

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      • Roto raises the knowledge level to be successful, H2H can come down to luck - much like fantasy football. But if you want to make yourself feel better, have at it. Roto is the same game, but you don't get to "reset" every week. Both games have their strong points, but roto is the original game - and is mnore of a thinker/strategizer's game.

    • roto baseball is the best and the closest to real managing in all fantasy sports. You need to play almost everyday to keep your games played/position and innings current. Unlike other sports there are always FA to pick up to help your team in a category that you are week in. Trades are easier because of all the positions and every team could use help in at least one position. There are many ways to draft a team. The biggest drawback is the season can get long.

    • You also have to consider what type of scoring you're looking for, HTH vs Rotisserie, the strategies for each are completely different (at least in my opinion they are).

    • It is more of a marathon than the others. And with more games, it requires more time for setting lineups, watching the waiver wire, etc... if you plan to do well. It is also less dependent on an injury or two than the others.


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