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    I would like to join a free, highly competitive, head to head keeper/dynasty league that has other very competitive managers.

    Please reply if you have an opening. I am tired of playing public leagues that only half of the mangers keep up with it all year.

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    • D -- If you're interested:
      The Wide Open Baseball League is looking for one more manager. A stable three-year old free non-keeper with mostly returning owners. You should be competitive, active, and a good league citizen.

      Positions: C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, 3 OF, 2 UT, 2 SP, 2 RP, 4 P, 5 BN, 2 DL.
      Stats: runs, HR, RBI, SB, total bases, average, OPS; wins, saves, strikeouts, holds, ERA, WHI), quality starts. Also adding some combination of no-hitters, grand slams, complete games, triples and cycles, which we're currently determining.

      Reply here with a little bit about yourself.

    • The reason managers drop out is because it is NOT a MONEY league. Get it?????

    • I'll likely have open slots in a number of near dynasty leagues this Friday (given last years owners till then to join)

      The first league is a 20 team 7 X 7 H2H league with 18-23 keepers per team. This league has been active for more then a decade. May have one open slot in this league

      The second is a league in its 4th year 18 teams H2H points. The league has the unique feature of drafting by waivers. 21 keepers with the 5 remaining slots filled by playing waiver claims on 5 players. You might get all 5, you might not get anyone, most likely it will be something in between. May have 3 open slots in this league.

      The final league isn't a keeper league, has plenty of room. Its a H2H points league that rewards failure and punishes anything positive.

      I've been commissioning leagues for over a decade and won't stand for teams that quit. I will replace teams that I've seen haven't been active for around a month at any point in the season. Eventually this does lead to very competitive leagues with great managers.

      I do have to warn you though that none of the teams I have are likely anything better then .500, and more likely are bottom feeders. Generally in a keeper league managers with great teams rarely quit.

      If you are interested you can send me a email at schellis at hotmail and we can see if something can be done by Friday.

    • Trying to get one together. Been busy with Mardi Gras until today. wanrt to get 18-20 teams.
      pw nopelicans

      check it out and stay if you like.


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