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  • Ultrasurblanco Ultrasurblanco Feb 12, 2013 10:14 AM Flag

    4 Mgr. needed: AL Only deep, competitive redraft league.

    --10 teams H2H. The five guys who've joined me so far are all very good players.

    --30 man roster. 13 bats, 12 arms, 5 bench. This implies roughly 80% player pool penetration so the wire will be thin and you'll need to improve your team via trades. Mar. 28th draft is 300 players long so we all will be stuck with some .230 hitters and innings eaters to begin.

    --7X7, fairly realistic cats:
    --adding OBP and H to reward guys who know how to get on
    --adding QS and HR Allowed to reward good starts and punish pitchers who don't keep it in the yard.
    --switching K to K/BB
    --switching Sv to (Sv + Hld) to defuse the argument of "Where do you want your best reliever: opening the 9th, or putting out a fire up a run in the 7th?" In a very deep league, this should make quality relief useful.
    This is our first year doing it so there may be holes in the format. I guess we'll see.

    --45 IP/week minimum. Miss two weeks and Commish guts your team. (If you're going away for a week or something, somebody will manage your team to help you out.)

    --Continuous waivers w/FAAB.

    Thick skin a must. Big mouth a plus.

    If interested, mail your profile to me.

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