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  • Andre C Andre C Feb 7, 2013 8:59 PM Flag

    Yahoo Baseball Pro League Thoughts?

    I'm considering diving into Pro league this year. I have a some questions for people who were in it previously.

    Are people much more active in these leagues? (You would assume since money is involved that would be the case, but I've been in leagues involving much more money where activity is dim)

    Anyone experience any bad trade reviews from Yahoo?

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    • I won my pro league last year ($20 entry). I wanted to do the $100 league but I was worried about the bottom half of the league dropping out half way through. That would obviously effect the trades as well as FA transactions. I was willing to take a chance on that with $20 but $100 was a little too much to risk. The league was exactly what I thought, competitive up until about August. Then there were about 5 teams fighting for the top 3 spots and maybe one team in the bottom tier still trying to catch up. Trades all went though but I don't remember any crazy one sided deals. Overall worth it, but I'm still not sure about the $100 leagues. Oh and Yahoo paid out about 10 days after the season ended.

    • I was in a couple last year and all the teams were active until around the all-star break. After that the teams in last place in all of my leagues gave up and became inactive. But generally people are pretty active and competitive. The trade review is good. Their wasn't too many trades in all my leagues, but there were a couple that were pretty unfair and Yahoo vetoed them. All the trades that I thought were fair went through and all the ones I thought were unfair got vetoed, I thought yahoo did a great job at that. I would definitely recommend pro leagues.


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