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  • This will be my first year participating in fantasy baseball. I've been involved in fantasy football for several years, for whatever that is worth. But I was hoping for general advice, or any sites that y'all might recommend for good info.

    I will be participating in a 12 team, H2H category league, and to be honest, I am just pretty ignorant to any sort of drafting or team managing strategies. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    • Biggest thing I can tell you is don't fall for the hype.

      Get your 1 or 2 big bats in the first couple of rounds then go pitching pitching pitching. From a fantasy perspective it's been a Pitching dominated game for the last couple of years and with the new format where it's basically interleague play every day I don't see that changing.

      So grab your 2 big bats then 2-3 top of the line starters and then start filling in the rest of your offense. But don't get tricked into taking a catcher to early just because other people are because it's a position where once the top couple go the rest of them in the end will end up giving you about the same stats. After your 2 bats and 2-3 pitchers focus on your positions where depth is shallow which is usually SS and 2B. OF there are a million options and you should've already taken care of at least one corner IF player in the first 2 picks if not both.

      Some people like top name relief pitchers and others just say screw it and skip closers all together and add either setup guys who might close later in the season or add extra SP's that have RP eligibility. Because basically closers are going to help you in 1 category and that's saves and can kill your ERA and Whip if they have a bad game or 2 in a row and even can cost you a matchup if it happens at the end of a week.

    • To draft a successful team, you want to go in with a plan. A standard league is 12 teams with positions (C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, 3OF, 2Util) and scoring system (Runs, HRs, RBI, SB, AVG for hitters and Wins, Saves, Ks, ERA, and WHIP for pitchers). You want to go in looking to accumulate 840 runs, 211 home runs, 800 rbis, 165 stolen bases and a .270 team average. You should also look to accumulate 100 wins, 92 saves, 3.44 ERA, 1.24 WHIP, and 1,330 strike outs. With those stats you will finish in the top 75% of your league for all categories and should win each category a majority of the time in your match-ups. There are websites out there that have projected player stats for 2013 (Rotochamp). So as your drafting, subtract that players projected stats from the total stats you are looking to accumulate. So later in the draft you will know what you need (ex, if you need more power, or speed, or strike outs, or whatever).

      To explain it a little better, if you draft Ryan Braun, he's projected for 102 runs, 36 HRs, 114 RBI, and 26 steals. So subtract those numbers from 840 runs, 211 HRs, 800 RBIs, and 165 SBs; now you have to accumulate 738 runs, 175 HRs, 868 RBIs, and 139 SBs from the rest of your draft. At the end of the draft, you should hopefully have all numbers close to 0.

      Good luck.


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