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  • ALLsaints ALLsaints Feb 6, 2013 8:53 AM Flag

    How to start a Keeper league?

    i suggest you really go out of your way to secure all good/active owners..if you ddont he league wont last pasta year..alot of keeper leagues fail...its a #$%$ to replace ppl every other week..

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    • Agreed a keeper league is only as strong as the managers that are in it. The key is to lay the ground work for what you want the league to be and with the help of some of the league build upon that. Know that whatever you do you are not going to please everyone. Do not be afraid to put rules into place immediately to cover a flaw as well especially in the early years. If allowed teams could exploit it and build up very impressive teams that will potentially cause disinterest with the other managers, and disinterest generally leads to quitting.

      I currently run three keeper leagues. My primary league, a money league, has a rules document that is around a dozen pages long and the league has undergone many changes over the years while trying to find the right balance for everything.

      The best advice I can give for running one right is that as commissioner you need to know two things. The league will only be as strong as those that are in it, and the time and effort that you put into it will be returned ten fold if you have the right people behind you.

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      • Thanks guys. I'll have a look. I'm not to worried in terms of managers as we have a good solid group. That being said I do realize things can change quickly so I will re think the managers just to be on the safe side. We have come up with a few rules as group so far.

        One thing I still dont understand about the keeper system. Once each teams keepers are set, for the draft in the following year what do you mean by some leagues input the picks into the first few rounds? I assumed yahoo would keep track of the keepers and auto add them to each teams roster before the next draft? Do I have to manually put the keeper players into the first few rounds and hope everyone plays by the rues and picks their own keeper?

        Thanks again guys!

      • couldnt agree more..i run 3 leagues myself, 2 keepers..it takes a few yrs before you can be oproud of it,,,dont be afriad to boot new managers and dont allow draft pick trades yet, as a manager who doesnt care will tarde away his first 2 picks or somethign, and leave the team in shambles, and nobodys gona wana take that team over... lots of stuff to consider, but its well worth it for a good active group of owners


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