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  • Rod Rod Feb 4, 2013 9:09 PM Flag

    Signing up with Yahoo Fantasy Baseball league

    I am in a fantasy baseball league in ESPN. We have heard that Yahoo is more friendly to Head to Head leagues than ESPN. Is there any way to communicate with Yahoo and get a few questions answered to see whether it would be worthwhile to switch providers. Past efforts to contact them have gone unanswered.

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    • What do you want to know?

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      • Thanks for the prompt response. ESPN is geared to rotisserie not head to head. For instance, does Yahoo keep the daily scores so that you could go into the scores for a week and look back to see what the score was at the middle of the week? ESPN gives only the cumulative score for the week not the score at the end of each day.

        Does Yahoo keep the standings for each week so that you can look back later at what the standings were in any given week?

        Does their draft mechanism allow for keepers where a player places a keeper in the round three prior to where he drafted the player the previous year?

        It seems as though Yahoo provides a weekly analysis of the wins, losses and ties in each category by team cumulatively. Does it keep each week's figures so you can look back later?

        ESPN has none of this and that is why I have heard Yahoo is more head to head friendly. There is probably more Yahoo offers. I am kind of nut case who writes a weekly newsletter for my fantasy league and I have to compile all these numbers myself. If a switch to Yahoo would provide this I would be very grateful.

        Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

    • Don't understand what you mean by "more friendly". I play on Yahoo,ESPN,CBS,MSN. Each has its plusses and minuses. CBS has minor league stats on their player pages; MSN--sorry, I lied about MSN having plusses; Yahoo has window on the lineup page which is very helpful for leaving yourself notes or messages; ESPN makes it easier to track days on the 25-man active roster for leagues trying to implement Prospect Rosters. Yahoo does have one major(in my opinion) flaw that we have been discussing on these Message Boards for several days now. If you, as League Manager, need to replace a team manager and want to leave a message on these boards, I could not leave you my email in my reply so that you could contact me to extend an invitation to join your league. Yahoo deletes messages with emails or links. I really like ESPN's message Boards much better. As far as playing the game, I am OK with either one.

    • Yahoo is far more popular than ESPN fantasy baseball. Yahoo is the by far the most popular among all fantasy baseball providers.

    • When ESPN first started leagues I was asked if I would consider taking my keeper leagues there because they offered more minor league prospects and had some features that at the time Yahoo did not.

      I decided to stay with Yahoo mainly because that is what the league knew and I wanted to make sure that other members league stayed with the league.

      So I can understand the risk of switching providers.

      Yahoo I believe offers a lot of what you are after, especially if you are into keeper/dynasty leagues

      They offer leagues of every type. Personally I play in three H2H points leagues, two H2H leagues, and a roto league.

      I greatly prefer the H2H points leagues because it rewards everything your team has done for the week and not just what it takes to be one better then your opponent. The draw back is that it is like professional football where you play just for 1 win or 1 loss.

      Yahoo is excellent for keeper leagues because it allows commissioners to link to their previous seasons, and in those seasons you can search transactions even now. So you can see how and when you picked up a player.

      As such Yahoo keeps a accessable schedule that shows what your players did during the week even if they are no longer on your roster currently.

    • One more thing to consider is that Yahoo completely closes Fantasy Baseball for 2-3 months in the offseason. No communication at all unless you have some offline site.


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