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  • Rod Rod Feb 5, 2013 7:25 AM Flag

    Signing up with Yahoo Fantasy Baseball league

    That is what I have heard. Why do you say that. What is it that makes it more popular for head to head leagues than ESPN. I've got to sell 11 other team owners on the idea of moving.

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    • Why don't you just create the league on both EPSN and Yahoo when Yahoo opens up. That will give you about 7 weeks to decide which to use. Then just delete or abandon the one that your league chooses not to use.

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      • Not a bad idea. Problem is that we have a few owners who would rather put up with the problems of the status quo than change. Last year I had an idea to have a draft and hold league on Yahoo. All the owners would have to do is respond to the invitation. Half didn't bother. The only thing that will get them to act to decide to move. We have already moved from CBS to ESPN. Another move is going to be tough.


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