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  • Drew V Drew V Feb 4, 2013 10:11 PM Flag

    Signing up with Yahoo Fantasy Baseball league

    What do you want to know?

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    • Thanks for the prompt response. ESPN is geared to rotisserie not head to head. For instance, does Yahoo keep the daily scores so that you could go into the scores for a week and look back to see what the score was at the middle of the week? ESPN gives only the cumulative score for the week not the score at the end of each day.

      Does Yahoo keep the standings for each week so that you can look back later at what the standings were in any given week?

      Does their draft mechanism allow for keepers where a player places a keeper in the round three prior to where he drafted the player the previous year?

      It seems as though Yahoo provides a weekly analysis of the wins, losses and ties in each category by team cumulatively. Does it keep each week's figures so you can look back later?

      ESPN has none of this and that is why I have heard Yahoo is more head to head friendly. There is probably more Yahoo offers. I am kind of nut case who writes a weekly newsletter for my fantasy league and I have to compile all these numbers myself. If a switch to Yahoo would provide this I would be very grateful.

      Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.


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