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  • Terry H Terry H Feb 4, 2013 12:48 PM Flag

    Where the heck is my post?!

    Atomic Dumpling----you seem to be pretty knowledgeable about the different sites. Please give me some specifics as to what "features" you are talking about. I play some fantasy games on all the major sites, mainly Yahoo and ESPN, less on MSN and CBS (don't care about their market share--does not affect my fantasy enjoyment one iota). This posting has evolved into a discussion of the sites in general(which is also helpful), but the original poster was a League Manager trying to replace a manager who had dropped out of his league. If you liked his league settings and decided to join, how would you let him know and how should he contact you to extend an invitation to join his league if you can not leave your email in your response? Would it be possible for Yahoo to have ONE Board where they allow emails, or would that affect all the Boards? Thanks.

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