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  • James O. James O. Feb 2, 2013 11:31 PM Flag

    Where the heck is my post?!

    AD, I can show you plenty of message boards that have strong SPAM filters on them and yet users can still post links and/or email addresses. These filters are insanely bad. The layout is terrible as well. Sorry...no way around it. Yahoo sucks at trying to develop things on their own and that's why Fantasy Baseball updates have been slow over the years. Yahoo programmers don't know how to program / design things.

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    • well there is hope! an old google exec is now in charge and one of the things she has said she wants to do is revamp the sports and fantasy section of yahoo. since its basically what keeps the company afloat. so should hooooopefully see some progress this year.... i hope!

    • Yahoo has by far the most popular fantasy sports product on the market. They obviously know what they are doing. People like Yahoo best because they have the best features and are the easiest to use because there is no spam, no clutter and very few advertisements. If you don't like Yahoo then go to CBS or ESPN and muddle through all their garbage.

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      • AD lol you are just wrong. Yahoo has a better interface (which is what I like) but as far as features and customization, they are well behind CBS and I believe ESPN too (never used ESPN so cant say for sure). People like Yahoo because it's also free. The advertising is a good point, but as far as Yahoo knowing what they're doing? LMAO. These boards are a perfect example that no sir they do not know what they are doing. Also, Yahoo can't figure out how to give Commissioner's the ability to edit scoring if they have to (like they have in football)...make playoffs more flexible...add some sort of minor league system...the list goes on. These features have all been with other systems for a few years and yet nothing on Yahoo. They just aren't smart enough to know how to add features like that to their platform. You don't think they would like to have some of these features? lol...they could if they were smart enough. ;)


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