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  • james m james m Jan 31, 2013 10:16 PM Flag

    New Dynasty League

    I am thinking about starting a new league would be a 10 team 100% keepers with large rosters and probably minor leagues and 4 DL spots i havent decided on all the rules and scoring yet still thinking it out it will be head to head you must pick a city and you must keep a certain amount of players from your city like i would take Dallas so i would have to have a certain amount or Texas Rangers on my team you would get those players added to your roster before the draft and to drop one of those players you would have to pick up another from your city team to maintain your minimum i was thinking 4-5 players any rule changes after the league was created would have to pass a majority vote to get a rule or something changed you would have to put it in the message board and another member would have to 2nd it then i would put a poll up to see if it passed there would be a trade board who would vote to allow or veto any trades in the future i may be interested in expanding this into a 4 sport league baseball football hockey and basketball havent decided yet would depend on interest all would be 100% keeper dynasty and you would have to have a certain amount of players from your city on each team if your city doesnt have all 4 sports you will be allowed to pick a team from another city that is not taken as for cities with multiple teams like NY you would have to declare either Yankees or Mets you dont get both teams thats my thoughts on this will figure the rest out when i make up the league right now just looking for active owners who would be interested in playing if you are not active or you are not interested in all sports then this is probably not for you leave your email and i will email you an invite when i create the league looking for 9 other owners like i said Dallas is taken in your reply put what city you want its first come gets first choice


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