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  • mike w mike w Oct 5, 2012 6:51 PM Flag

    Proleague payouts (possible reason for delay)

    There is a discrepancy in stats and it affects the payouts.

    I am in a $100 yahoo roto proleague.

    Stats are tallied on stattracker and on the yahoo page. The two do not add up because stat tracker (correctly) stopped counting stats for players that had reached max innings. The yahoo team page did not stop counting stats.

    On my team, I had reached max games for shortstop on the second to last day. So I was ineligible to earn points from my shortstop on the last day. Stattracker lists my batting average as 9/32 (.281). On my yahoo page, it lists my batting average as 9/36 (.250). The difference between the two is that stat tracker did not count my shortstop's at bats.

    This difference is significant as it changes the outcome of the game. On stattracker, I am listed at -.5 on the day and my opponent is listed as -1. Our final scores on stattracker are 78.5 (me) to 78 (my opponent).

    Yet, on the yahoo main page, it lists us at -1 (me) and 0 (my opponent) for a final score of 78.5 to 78.

    This drops me to third place because of stats that should not have been counted. I've included a screenshot from stattracker. This was taken after all the MLB regular season games were completed.

    I do not know how long the main page was counting positions that had reached the maximum because going into the last day, I only had one player at the maximum.

    When I went to bed on Wednesday night, I was in 2nd place. When I woke up, I was in 3rd. The reason why is that the stats on the main yahoo page are incorrect. This is a difference of $300 vs $100.

    I contacted yahoo and included screen shots. Did anyone else notice this? Is this the possible reason for a delay in contacting winners?

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