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  • BrewCrewDue BrewCrewDue Jan 26, 2013 4:59 PM Flag


    Ouch! not good list for 5 to choose from. Easy 3 are Tulo,Stanton,Ellsbury. After that you don't have a #4 keeper. And your #5 keeper would be a choice of Lawrie,Hosmer,Zimmerman.
    So what you do is trade up to another team in your situation/worse. 2x1 or 3X2. Ask the guy if there's a player he would want as a keeper outside of the Easy 3. See if he has a guy you want as a Keeper but he doesn't. Say a Matt Moore,Billy Butler,Alex Gordon, types that to me are top 4 round picks but can easily be seen as 6th rounders.
    Lawrie is a guy I can see someone wanting as a Keeper, who I just don't fully have faith yet. Hosmer is the same category but I don't think being a 1b vs the 3b of Lawrie he would draw attention as a Keeper. Zimmerman is a Keeper but he's stud like without stud numbers. He doesn't K a bunch, doesn't shutout for CGs he just goes 6/7ip with 1 or 2ER.
    Trumbo to me, is that the people who are high on him is based on his HRs and the HR Derby last year. You may get interest on Trade for Trumbo as a Keeper and I'd do it. Trumbo has the makings to be Adam Dunn only batting 6th. I had him last year he went somewhere along the lines of 160ABs with out an XBH aside from HRs, which was 4? I think. So, brutal on Slg. from a guy you're thinking is a +for Slg.


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