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  • BrewCrewDue BrewCrewDue Jan 26, 2013 5:08 PM Flag


    You're right on Wieters. He "Lived up to Expectations Finally" last season for half a year and look where his numbers finished.
    Trumbo is going to be the next Adam Dunn so there are plenty of owners out there who are high on the HRs over everything else he provides. I'm like you, a guy who will bat 6th behind 2 players who will hit a combined 85HRs isn't good for RBIs when of the .250 BA Trumbo is likely, the bases will be empty over 1/8 of his PAs above avg. Less ABs, Less Runners OB, equal less worth i.e. a 7th-9th rd. selection value.
    Cruz is on the downward trend. Lawrie, will either breakout or break hearts. but another guy who may bat 6th suddenly reducing his value.


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